Diet! Friend, Foe, or Something Else Entirely?

Diet! Friend, Foe, or Something Else Entirely?

Apr 25, 2017 11:59 AM EDT - Author: Amber


Why is the word “Diet” always seen as some sort of ugly monster? Aren’t we all on some sort of diet?  The definition of diet is “food and drink regularly provided or consumed”. A diet should be considered everything we eat and drink, meaning everyone is on some sort of diet. Right? We live in a world of modern nutrition. People dwell on calories, carbs, fats, and proteins. Not to say that is a terrible thing but it may not be necessary. Each day we are hit with a new fad diet or something claiming to help you lose 10 pounds in a short amount of time. You don’t need all that to get healthy. The answer has been right in front of us all along. If we eat whole healthy foods, stick to portion sizes, stop drinking soda, and exercise at least 30 minutes per day and this will greatly improve your life. Skip that drive thru and go home and make dinner. Take lunch to the office instead of going out. If you spent just 4 hours once a week planning meals for the week ahead you will greatly improve your odds of getting healthier and being able to drive right on by that drive thru. Now that is not to say you can’t treat yourself now and then. Just remember all things in moderation. If you feel like having some ice cream, do it. Just remember to stick to the serving size. And FYI I have yet to find a serving size that allows for the whole carton.

I know it’s not easy. I have been there. Not too long ago I found myself looking in the mirror thinking how did I get here. I was 30 years old, I had Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was 90 pounds’ overweight, and I was failing to thrive. I couldn’t even play with my son without getting winded and having to stop after just a few minutes. I knew I had to make some big changes and I did just that. I started seeing a nutritionist and she helped me by telling me what I am telling you. Long story short I have been following this lifestyle for a little over four months now and I am down 40 pounds!!! No fads, No gimmicks just whole healthy eating and no soda. I can honestly say my life has changed dramatically. I am thriving, I can play with my son, and most importantly I am eating. I choose whole healthy foods and I even splurge occasionally. I’m not saying it was easy. I fell off the wagon and then I got back on it. Set goals that are achievable. Starting small and working up is a fantastic way to achieve any goal.

I’ll continue to update you on my progress. I hope you find this helpful. Who knows in four short months you could thriving as well.

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