Asthma Back to School Safety Plan

Asthma Back to School Safety Plan

Aug 10, 2015 02:34 PM EDT - Author: Adrienne

Back-to-school season is upon us!  Between all the book lists, supplies, clothes and other items needed to prepare it can sometimes be easy to forget about medical care plans.  A medical care plan is an agreement set in place between the parent of a child with a specific medical need and the school that child attends.  These plans can be used for a variety of issues from basic food allergies to complicated heart conditions.  The plan ensures that all parties are informed of the condition and have an agreed upon emergency plan in place.  The American Lung Association has put together a host of great resources to help prepare parents of children with asthma for heading back to school.   
Here are some tips for children with asthma who are heading back to school:
  1. Arrange a meeting (if possible) with your child’s principal, teacher and school nurse.  By having a face to face conversation you can ensure that everyone is in agreement and fully understands your child’s needs. 
  2. Complete an asthma care plan together—with your school administration (mentioned above).
  3. Discuss the care plan with your child, be sure that they know what to do should they start to feel symptoms
  4. Discuss the care plan with your child’s physician to make sure nothing has been left out and that your physician agrees with the plan of action. 
  5. Revisit this care plan EACH YEAR, in order to inform new teachers of the plan and make any needed changes to the plan itself.
You can find a variety of different care plans and other resources at the American Lung Association’s website



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