Who's Working with OCR?

Cardiovascular Consultants of Utah, PC
Clinical Study Sub-Investigator
  • Dr. Imran Zubair
Advanced Foot & Ankle Center
  • Dr. Terry Smith 
  • Dr. David Seegmiller
  • Dr. Richard Seegmiller
  • Dr. Spence Harper
Soulier Podiatry
  • Dr. Scott Soulier
Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine Clinic
  • Dr. Wei Peng M.D., P.H.D.
The Apothecary Shoppe
Harmons Pharmacies  
Wasatch Allergy and Asthma
Dr. Barbara Rizzardi, Internal Medicine
Hansel Raynor, P.A.C., Endocrinology
Lakeside Medical Clinical Services
  • Dr. Alexander Jacoby
  • Dr. Ken Pierce
  • Dr. Anderson