High Blood Pressure in Utah

The causes of high blood pressure for Utahns are multifaceted. While science and medicine duke it out to find the best treatments for elevated blood pressure, there are a few particulars we can note. High blood pressure is defined as really the high level of pressure against artery walls. In Utah and other states, patients and doctors are working to control blood pressure. If you are diagnosed with elevated pressure, there are a few things your doctor will explain to you regarding this condition. You will likely hear about the causes of hypertension.
Some of these risk factors are:
  • Age – your risk increases as you grow older.
  • Sex – men are diagnosed more often than women, at least until 45 years of age, then the risk equalizes.
  • Ethnicity – In Utah, high blood pressure rates generally follow those of other areas, African Americans, Native Americans and Latinos have higher rates of hypertension than Caucasians.
  • Diet – people whose diets are high in salt have a higher risk of developing elevated blood pressure.
  • Stress – can predispose a person to considerable anger, increased anxiety and even significantly increased blood pressure.

Doctors treating high blood pressure in Utah follow the accepted prevention protocol. Typical treatment plans address various aspects of a patient’s lifestyle.  This multi-pronged treatment approach usually includes the following tactics:

  • Adopting a diet that is low salt and fat intake is crucial to help bring down blood pressure.
  • Staying at a Healthy Weight is crucial. Patients in Utah with high blood pressure are encouraged to a healthy weight and maintain it.
  • Setting aside unhealthy habits is vital to get blood pressure readings to acceptable levels. Habits that adversely affect hypertension include alcohol consumption and smoking. People with high blood pressure are encouraged quit these destructive habits.
  • Exercise makes a great impact on the health of patients with elevated blood pressures by strengthening their cardiovascular systems.
  • Prescription medication is often used to treat hypertension. Consult with your doctor to determine if medication is right for you. There are many prescription drugs available that treat high blood pressure. If necessary, your doctor can prescribe one that will suit your particular needs.
It is imperative to get your blood pressure within the normal range. Doctors in Utah treat high blood pressure in order to help their patients achieve health and vitality. Untreated elevated blood pressure can damage arteries. Damaged arteries exhibit arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis. When arteries become hardened, blood flow to other parts of your body is affected and can result in heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure and aneurysm. High blood pressure can be effectively treated. Your doctor can help you find the treatment plan that is right for you. Bringing your blood pressure readings into a healthy range is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. Adopting a healthy diet and active lifestyle is enough for some patients to lower their elevated blood pressure, while others require prescription medication to get the positive result of lowered blood pressure.