Monitor Amenities

Optimum Clinical Research (OCR) is dedicated to providing a professional yet comfortable environment for volunteers.  OC Research has done research in high blood pressure trials, diabetes, and more.  The center is not only focused on providing dedicated service for volunteers of our clinical trials but in creating a work-friendly space for our clients.

OCR Clinical Trials


Monitors of clinical trials will have access to a private windowed office for their work.  These offices measure 10’ x 10’ with enough room for you to work comfortably.  There is a generous amount of desk space with executive style seating. The desk also includes stapler, tape, and a three hole punch for your convenience.


OC Research


Your office is also equipped with wireless access to high speed internet although there are wired internet connections available if you prefer.  The space is fully stocked with an assortment of packing and shipping supplies and there is an analog phone line available for any of your communication needs.  In addition, there is a copier, printer, and fax machine only footsteps away.  The equipment is all provided to you as part of our service with the goal of making your work as simple and convenient as possible.


Optimum Clinical Research


As a personal thank you for using our services you will notice that the room includes hot and cold filtered water and will be stocked with an assortment of teas and coffee.  Additionally, snacks and fresh fruit will be provided to help satisfy any hunger cravings during your work.

OC Research is led by Dr Jackson M. Rhudy, MD who acts as the Principal Investigator.  Dr.  Rhudy has decades of experience in research and is the founder of OCR and is joined by a team of highly skilled MDs, nurses, and research professionals.  To learn more about Optimum Clinical Research visit our About Us page.  We look forward to working with you soon.