Health & Wellness Learning Center

Health and Wellness Learning Center

Many individuals suffering from a disease or illness are not aware of how to return to health.  Optimum Clinical Research (OCR) is not only interested in providing professional research to help further medical research but OCR wants its volunteers to improve their individual health.  The place to start such an endeavor is through education. 

Medical conditions can be very complex and confusing and many individuals find themselves bewildered about disease progression, development and prevention.  OC Research’s Learning Center is a database of collated medical data and facts presented to you in a direct and digestible manner.  On the left of the page you will find tabs filled with information regarding a number of different conditions.  Are you interested in learning the difference between type-one and type-two diabetes?  Did you know that high blood pressure can result as arteries harden with age but there are ways to combat this naturally? 

We also have statistical information on heart disease and preventable measures you can take to reduce your risk. The science behind blood sugar, the different types of health insurance and how the evolution of certain medicine is helping to combat weight loss, all of this information is here.  Knowing how a disease functions and exactly how to combat it is essential to improving your health. 

Volunteers at OC Research who participate in our clinical trials not only receive free medical care and new drug medications but they have an opportunity to further their knowledge and ask questions regarding their specific health concern.  The clinical research trials that our volunteers, who number over 35,000, take part in are used in furthering medical research and producing new, more effective medications helping to improve the health of future generations as well as your own.  If you would like to become a volunteer visit our Contact Us page and fill in the form so we can inform you what available trials best fit your needs. We look forward to meeting you!