Diabetes Research

Diabetes is a major concern for many people across the United States. Even though it is a concern for many, not everyone is aware of the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, how to care for the condition and even prevent its onset. The following information will help you understand the condition and the definition between the two types. Diabetes is a metabolism disorder. Your metabolism is the way in which your body uses digested food and converts that food into useable energy. A hormone called insulin is the driving force behind this conversion and it is the lack of insulin that is the cause behind diabetes. People who suffer from type 2 have insulin present in their body, but for various reasons that will be discussed further in these articles, the insulin has become ineffective. Type 1 diabetes is defined by the complete absence of insulin in the body. This absent insulin needs to be replaced with treatments of insulin therapy. Type 1 was previously known as juvenile diabetes because it was primarily diagnosed in children. But this changed when several adults were diagnosed. There are numerous therapies that can be administered to help you cope with diabetes and thanks to clinical research, many more are in the process of development. The most common treatments are oral diabetic medications and insulin therapies.  

Research is constantly being conducted to find more effective treatments to help cope with diabetes. Although there is no known cure for the illness, treatments are being conducted to promote the production of insulin and examine the chemical relationship between the cells of the body, glucose distribution and insulin. Diabetes does not need to be a condition that overrides your life. With timely recognition of the illness and effective treatments, the majority of suffers learn to cope with the condition. It is vitally important that you are aware of the warning signs of diabetes so that you can be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Please read the following articles to become educated on the condition.