Available Clinical Trials - Utah

Optimum Clinical Research (OCR) hosts a number of different clinical trials in which you can participate.  These studies may include:

  • Type 1 and 2 Diabetes
  • Migraine
  • COPD or Emphysema
  • Asthma
  • High Cholesterol
  • Acne

Below you will find a complete list of all currently enrolling clinical trials. Click the study title or the "Learn More" button to get details about each trial. All of our studies are conducted in Salt Lake City, Utah. All of these studies are regulated by the F.D.A. There is never any cost to you to participate. Patients are paid for their time and travel.  To become involved in a study fill in the contact information that you can find on the bottom of each page or on our Contact Us page. Indicate the studies you would be interested in participating at OC Research and we will let you know which studies best fit your interests.


If you have Type 2 Diabetes and are concerned about the health of your heart, this study could be for you. Those with diabetes know they are at a higher risk of having heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular complications. If you've al...

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Have you been diagnosed with COPD and are currently taking Spiriva and a rescue inhaler only to treat symptoms? If so, you may qualify for this study which is comparing a FDA approved single therapy inhaler that combines 3 COPD medications to Spiri...

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Are you suffering from Asthma? If you are taking a combination inhaler (such as Breo, Symbicort, Dulera, Advair, etc.). You may qualify for a clinical trial that is seeking people who have persistent Asthma. PERSISTENT ASTHMA Asthma symptoms more t...

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