Asthma Research

Asthma research before 1980 was almost non-existent. Today it has greatly increased to ease the pain of over 15 million people in America alone. Asthma is increasing by 75% every 15 years and greatly affects people under 18 years of age. Estimates put the number of kids with asthma at 7%, a mind-boggling number which greatly increases the amount of research needed. Asthma research has shown that almost all deaths and hospitalizations are preventable. They are almost always caused by environmental concerns such as a degraded air quality cause by car exhaust and industrial pollution, but the actual cause of asthma is widely debated and considered unknown.

Asthma research has found that asthma is likely caused from a number of factors including genetics, environment and hygiene. Some researchers believe that the increase in hygiene that has occurred in the past century has prevented children from getting what once were typical infections while young. This affects the way the immune system reacts later in life which could cause more allergic reactions which are also believed to be related to asthma.