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A new study is looking to see how well an investigational insulin works to control blood sugar levels when taken in addition to an FDA approved, rapid-acting insulin at mealtimes. Participants will receive the study medications at no charge for the...

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This study is seeking people who have persistent asthma and use a combination asthma inhaler to treat symptoms. PERSISTENT ASTHMA Asthma symptoms more than twice a week, but not every day. Daily activity is slightly limited due to asthma symptoms....

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Heart Disease is the #1 Killer in the U.S. But 80% of Heart Disease is preventable. The power to have a healthy heart is in your hands. Heart disease is a term used to describe several conditions, many of which are related to plaque (cholesterol) b...

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This study is seeking people who have moderate to very severe COPD (determined by exacerbation/complication history and medication usage) to evaluate and compare three medications: budesonide, glycopyrronium, and formoterol fumarate. The goal of th...

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