You may have heard about him as he’s lovingly referred to as the “300 pound vegan” on Instagram and among his buds in the NFL. And it isn’t an oxymoron. David Carter, the Chicago Bears’ defensive lineback is arguably t...

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For people with prediabetes, lifestyle modification is considered “the cornerstone of diabetes prevention.” Diet-wise, this means individuals with prediabetes or diabetes should aim to reduce their intake of excess calories, saturated f...

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Sometimes the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes are so subtle that it’s typical for people to have diabetes for about five years before they’re diagnosed. While there are some basic indications such as high blood glucose levels and other labo...

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Think you’ve missed out on the garden memo this year? Think again! Did you know you can still plant vegetables today and harvest them before winter? Yes, it’s true! (I promise!) Keep in mind a few things before planting: know when the f...

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We all do it---ignore the problems in our lives or avoid unpleasant situations. Typically, the denial type behavior isn't necessarily harmful. However, the combination of this attitude with the diagnosis of a chronic illness can be risky. Most...

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Back-to-school season is upon us! Between all the book lists, supplies, clothes and other items needed to prepare it can sometimes be easy to forget about medical care plans. A medical care plan is an agreement set in place between the parent of a...

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If you have diabetes, you probably check your blood sugar at least daily to be sure you’re on track. Well, did you know you should also be checking your feet? Here’s why. Diabetes can affect blood flow to the feet so even a small cut or...

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Fibromyalgia is becoming a more well-known condition but it hasn't always been the case. A 2008 study conducted in Canada surveyed physicians' attitudes about fibromyalgia. The results show that about 23% of general practitioners and 12% of...

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You’ve probably heard a lot about the different, alternative therapies that have been claimed to treat or even CURE diabetes. Well, a new study suggests that yoga (yes, yoga!) can help people with type 2 diabetes lose weight and keep healthy...

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