We know that as holiday seasons approach, treat temptations can be hard to resist. Some diabetics find that it’s more fun to make your own, low sugar, treats to share with friends and family. Here are two diabetic friendly holiday recipes tha...

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Winter is approaching quickly and with that comes a new assortment of fruits, vegetables and other exciting harvest foods. As we head into the next season, it can be fun to experiment with new foods and combinations. Having diabetes doesn’t m...

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Researchers at Utah-based Optimum Clinical Research have completed a study to determine whether stem cells could reverse the effects of Type 1 diabetes. The primary aim of the three-year study was to research whether the infusion of mesenchymal ste...

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The University of Edinburgh in Scotland announced findings from a recent study looking at the effects of sunlight on heart health. The Scottish researchers have found that when sunlight hits the skin, a compound is released in blood vessels that ca...

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For anyone dealing with the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of IBS, certain food guidelines may help. As each person is different, food also affects people differently. The best way to know for sure what foods may trigger your IBS symptoms is to...

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As you know, there are many education tools out there for educating children about their asthma. But let's face it, very few have actually caught the public attention and even further, helped children learn about asthma. This is why we're e...

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