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Optimum Clinical Research (OCR) is a privately owned company that specializes in Clinical Trials for a number of different health conditions that include diabetes, high blood pressure, and more ...

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OCR is committed to working closely with sponsors in providing the most accurate and reliable results! and it is dedicated to meeting Recruitment goals! To maximize recruitment efforts, OCR may utilize the assistance of Clinical Site Services ...

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Many individuals suffering from a disease or illness are not aware of how to return to health. Optimum Clinical Research (OCR) is not only interested in providing professional research to help further medical research ...

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Clinical Research Trials - Utah

Who We Are

At Optimum Clinical Research (OCR) we are devoted to excellence in all areas of clinical research trials from patient care and safety to data collection.  OC Research is a privately owned, research company located in Salt Lake Regional Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The Research Center works in all areas of research conducting clinical trials in diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.  OC Research was founded by Dr. Jackson M. Rhudy graduate of UC Davis Medical School.  Dr. Rhudy has served as Medical Director for multiple medical clinics throughout Utah.  He and his team of research professionals, physicians, and nurses are dedicated to providing excellent, professional research services.

What We Are Known For

The center currently works with a number of different organizations interested in clinical research.  Some of these different organizations include Lakeside Medical Clinical Services, Rocky Mountain Care Clinic, Oquirrh Cardiology, and the Cardiovascular Consultants of Utah, PC.  These different medical groups choose to work with OC Research for the outstanding Reliability and Professional Testing that the center is capable of providing. Not only is the center focused on professional and reliable testing for interested organizations but they also place special emphasis on creating a comfortable yet professional environment for research volunteers. Every member of the team at OCR is dedicated to providing each volunteer with the medical care and attention they deserve. Volunteers also receive benefit beyond medication and services as they learn more about their specific condition during the progress of the testing. This education helps them better control their condition and improve their quality of life.

Find Us Today

OC Research is located in the medical arts building attached to the Salt lake Regional Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The convenient location provides easy access for our volunteers who can participate in studies that run throughout the day. To learn more about the various clinical trials that OCR provides click here.  There are many trials currently available.  Visit our contact page to begin signing up as a volunteer today.

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Health & Wellness Articles

We created this learning center so that you can educate yourself on all of our fields of study and the illnesses that may concern you directly. Education is vital in understanding and coping with a medical problem and we have collated medical data and facts that are presented to you in a direct and digestible manner.

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What your neighbors are saying about us:

I was rather nervous before visiting Optimum Clinical Research, but once I was inside the building, I found everything to be clean and very professional. This set me at ease straight away. The team was very welcoming and happy to answer all of my questions.

. . . Alison Drayton

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Experience a Different Kind of Service

At Optimum Clinical Research, we are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all areas of clinical research from patient care to data collection. We understand the growing importance of developing new pharmaceuticals and eagerly participate in facilitating this process with patients, sponsors, and CRO's. It is our mission to bring ‘Tomorrow's Medicine to Today's Patients.’